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Antigua and Barbuda is Open!

In Antigua and Barbuda, you’ll find all three in abundance. The tropical twin island paradise of Antigua and Barbuda, renowned for its 365 beaches secluded harbours, boutique properties, private villas, one-of-a-kind attractions, and diverse culinary scene is the perfect place to escape, broaden your horizons and enjoy all the space you need.

Our aim is to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable vacation while in Antigua and Barbuda. So whether you are at one of our many diverse range of accommodations, enjoying our restaurants or exciting excursions, safety measures have been put in place to guarantee a clean and pristine environment while travelling around.

Here’s a list of some of Antigua and Barbuda’s certified accommodations, tours and restaurants that are ready to welcome you.

Admirals Inn – Gunpowder Suites Open
Antigua Village Open
Buccaneer Open
Heritage Hotel Open
Cocobay Resort Open
Cocos Hotel Open
Hodges Bay Open
Tamarind Hills Open
Hammock Open
Sandals Grand Antigua Resort Open
Siboney Beach Club Open
The Escape at Nonsuch  Bay Open
The Villas at Sunset Lane Open
Nonsuch Bay Resort Open
The Great House August 1
Ocean Point Resort October 22nd
Jumby Bay October
Carlisle Bay Resort October 10th
Blue Waters Resort October 1st
Galley Bay Resort & Spa October
Barbuda Belle November
The Inn at English Harbour November
The Verandah Resort and Spa November 1st
Curtain Bluff Resort October 24th
St. James’ Club October 14th
Admirals Inn Scheduled for the 4th quarter – date TBC
Hawksbill Resort Scheduled for the 4th quarter – date TBC
Keyonna Resort TBC
Anchorage Inn TBC



Name of Villa Location
The Carib House Turtle Bay
Parham Cottage Parham
Villa Azura Long Bay
Cedar Valley View Villas New Winthropes
Villa Tolumnia English Harbour
Table D’Hotes Cottages Hotel Friars Hill Development
Pearns Bay House Pearns Point
Villa Champagne Galley Bay
Agave Landings Ffryes
 Victory Villas Ffryes
Darkwood Seaview Darkwood
Palm Point Jolly Harbour
Indian Sands Jolly Harbour
Terrace on the Sea Boons Point, Crosbies
La Mera Boons Point, Crosbies
Ocean House Boons Point, Crosbies
Cool View Studio English Harbour
Falmouth Apartments English Harbour
Ocean Inn English Harbour
The Moxy English Harbour
Sea Shanty Falmouth
Cashmere Villas Brown’s Bay
Sehil Villas Brown’s Bay
Villa Turquoise Nonsuch
Villa Serena Nonsuch


Logwood Cabin and Cottage @ Tranquil Farm Sawcolts
Connie Comfort Suites Penny Lane
Touch Therapies Fort Road
Bellevue Apartments Belleview Heights
Cottages on the Hill Friars Hill Road
Beach House in Crabbes Hill Crabbes Hill
Calabash @ The Palms Darkwood
The Ffryes House Valley Road
Cactus Villa Valley Road
Stoney Hill Studio Cottages Ffryes
Hamilton Estate Apartments #1 #2 #4 Valley Road
Villa Sunset Sugar Ridge
Galley Bay Cottages Galley Bay
Bayview Villa Dieppe Bay, Five Islands
Mollihawk Villa Hospital Hill, English Harbour
Limora House Willoughby Bay
Pelican Beach House Crawl Bay
Delgany Cottage Red Hill
Willoughby Heights Crawl Bay
Willoughby Heights Studio Crawl Bay
Pelican Ridge Crawl Bay
Seaview Studio Piccadilly
Tuckers Cherry Tree Hill, Cobbs Cross
Villa 4 Mori Cobbs Cross
Vine Cottages Paradise Road, Piccadilly
St. Anne’s Point Pigeon Point
Airy Ocean View Apartments Crosbies
Halcyon Heights Condominiums Units 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 12, 19, 20, 22,24 and 25 Halcyon Heights
Merlin House Pigeon Point
Tony’s Cottage Pigeon Point
Moondance Galleon Beach
Tropical Garden Cottages Jonas Road
Perfect Beach Vacation #19 Marina Bay
Belvedere Holiday Homes Friars Hill Development
Xtreme Apartments West Indies Oil Road/Friars Hill
Denyse Home Cottage 129 Cedar Valley Gardens
Seaside Cottage Hodges Bay
Carters Guest House Airport Road
Ellen Bay Cottages Seatons
Ellen Bay Inn Seatons
Villa 811 (Nonsuch Bay) Nonsuch
Windies Villa Sugar Ridge
Cotton House Villa Sugar Ridge
Island Life Cottage Flamboyant Ave, Upper Gambles
Flamboyant Cottages Flamboyant Ave, Paradise View
Villas at Sunset Lane Sunset Lane, Paradise View
Lamblion Holiday Apartments Belle View Estates
The Lodge English Harbour
Hummingbird House Pigeon Point, English Harbour
Alagana House Monk’s Hill, Cobbs Cross
Yellow House Falmouth Harbour
Starr House Falmouth Harbour
Dolce Vita Turtle Bay
Dieppe Bay House Turtle Bay
Caribbean Villa Hospital Hill, English Harbour
Akare Crawl Bay
Sweet House Harbour View, Jolly Harbour
Cool House North Finger Jolly Harbour
Tropical Breeze North Finger Jolly Harbour
Windies Villa Sugar Ridge
Cotton House Villa Sugar Ridge
Cocos Hotel Valley Road
Tamarind B5 Tamarind Hills, Darkwood
Heritage Hotel Heritage Quay, St. John’s
Caribbean Inn Suites Radio Range, St. John’s
Almendron (Apt 18) North Sound Development
Nonsuch Heights Nonsuch Villa, NonSuch Bay
233C (TT Villas) South Finger Jolly Harbour
Aberdeen House Buckleys
Absolute Properties Jolly Harbour
Aedan’s House Belle View Estates
Antigua Bella & Villa Soleil Jennings New Extension
Antigua Estates  ( Villa 246F, 245E,224D,223B) Jolly Harbour
Apartment 1601 @ Nonsuch Bay Nonsuch Bay
Arnol Moosbrugger Villa Long Bay
Bamboo Cottage Edwards Road, Falmouth
Barrymore Beach Apt Marina Bay
Bay House Hamilton Estate Valley Road
Boulder Cottage Cobbs Cross
Buckley’s Country Club Buckleys
Cammile’s Guest House Buckleys
Carthy’s Estate Carthy’s Hill
Christiane Hansen Villa Long Bay
Darkwood Villas Picarts, Orange Valley, Darkwood
Dickenson Bay Cottages Dickenson Bay
Eko Cozy Fiennes Street, Ottos
Falmouth Harbour View Falmouth
FLR Holiday Antigua & Barbuda ( Villa 420B, 244C) Jolly Harbour
FLR Holiday Antigua & Barbuda ( Villa Amazing, Sugar Ridge
FLR Holiday Antigua & Barbuda ( Villa235E, Water’s Edge 450, Bananna House ) Jolly Harbour
Four Pillars Villa Seatons
Galleon House Galleon Beach
Harbour Hill  Villa Pigeon Point Road, English Harbour
HBK Villa Rentals & Management Jolly Harbour
Hilltop BnB @ Nicole’s Table Cedar Valley
Inn La Galleria Five Islands
Kittyhawk Villa Ordanauce Bay, English Harbour
Mango Cora English Harbour
Milk & Honey Jolly Harbour
Miramara Falmouth
Neem View Apartments Falmouth
Nicobar Villa Galley Bay Heights
Orries Beach Bar & Hotel Crabbes Hill
Paige Pond Country Inn Buckleys
Paradise Beach Condo Marina Bay
Paradise Beach Cottages Marina Bay
Pimento Harbour View, Jolly Harbour
Pinkshak Cottages Five Islands
Sand Castle Jolly Harbour
Serene Waterfront Villa Jolly Harbour
Shell Villa Turtle Bay
South Coast Horizon Cades Bay
Sugar Fields Valley Church
Sugar Mill Galley Bay
Suite Serenade Marble Hill
Summer Breeze Harbour View, Jolly Harbour
Sunkissed Serenity Cedar Valley Main Road
Sunset Villa (Trevor Thomas) Dickenson Bay
Tequila Sunrise Cedar Valley
Terra Cottages Hodges Bay
The Cottage Hospital Hill, English Harbour
The Hill Club Hospital Hill, English Harbour
The Limes Harbour View, Jolly Harbour
The Patterson’s House Half Moon Bay
The Pistachio Place Friars Hill Road
Thomas Apartments Cassada Gardens
Trade Winds Cottage Hodges Bay
Trendy Marina bay Studio Marina Bay
Turtle House Nonsuch Bay
Turtle Villa South Finger Jolly Harbour
Twigg Cottage Hodges Bay
Unique Caribbean Waterfront villa Jolly Harbour
Villa  Azure Jolly Harbour
Villa 218G (TT Villlas) Jolly Harbour
Villa 220D- Coconut South Finger units
Villa 224A Jolly Harbour
Villa 227A- Seagrape South Finger units
Villa 229F Jolly Harbour
Villa 230B South Finger Jolly Harbour
Villa 237E – Yellow Bell South Finger units
Villa 237F – Kiskadee South Finger units
Villa 245D ( TT Villas) Jolly Harbour
Villa 248A Jolly Harbour
Villa 250D- South Finger units
Villa 315B North Finger units
Villa 335E- Marina View North Finger units
Villa 402E- Rumrunner North Finger units
Villa 403C North Finger Jolly Harbour
Villa 404D Jolly Harbour
Villa 406E (TT Villas) South Finger Jolly Harbour
Villa 408B- El Sueno North Finger units
Villa 409D- Northshore North Finger units
Villa 417B North Finger Jolly Harbour
Villa 429A Jolly Harbour
Villa 431B Jolly Harbour
Villa 431C Jolly Harbour
Villa 432C – Bananaquit North Finger units
Villa Azure Jolly Harbour
Villa Inah Jolly Harbour
Villa Lena Jolly Harbour
Villa Non Such Nonsuch
Villa Pelican Nonsuch
Villa Polaris Galley Bay Heights
Villa Sea Glass Sugar Ridge
Villa Splendid Harbour View, Jolly Harbour
Villa Touloulou English Harbour
Villa Tramonto Galley Bay Heights
Waranama Galley Bay Heights
Yellow House Turtle Bay
Yepton Estate Cottages Five Islands

Click here for updated Tourism Accommodations inspected and certified as of Aug 31, 2020

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