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Culture & Heritage

Antigua and Barbuda's intriguing culture & heritage

Antiguans and Barbudans boast a rich, vibrant culture, shaped by our African heritage, British colonial history, and modern influences. This is evident in a number of ways such as our language, cuisine, architecture, religion, music, our sporting interests, our art and festivals to include Antigua’s carnival celebrations.

Visitors to the destination are encouraged to immerse themselves in the local culture – visit our museums, and interpretation centres for a deeper understanding of our people, and maritime heritage, sample our delicious local cuisine, enjoy the enchanting sounds of our music, dance to our our drums, the steelpan, iron band, calypso  and soca music, take in a local cricket match or a game of warri, take a walking tour through our cultural sites, explore the city, our art studios, attend our festivals or just interact with the friendly people within our vibrant communities.