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Happy Heights – Staycation Offer

Residents of Antigua and Barbuda can explore trails in Antigua with Happy Heights from 1st August 2020 to 1st January 2021, with rates of EC $50 per person for trails starting at Nelson´s Dockyard and Wallings Nature Reserve, and EC $40 per person for other trails. Email:



Middle Ground Trail: This 1-mile hike sets off from historic Nelson´s Dockyard and finishes at scenic
Pigeon Beach!!! A variety of flora and fauna and breathtaking tropical views.
Hike Type: Intermediate Duration: 2 hours

Rendezvous Bay Trail: A spectacular 5 mile trek that begins at Wallings Dam, in the heart of the rain
forest, and heads downhill to Rendezvous Bay, where we chill and swim with refreshments before
returning to our starting point. Do not forget to bring your swimwear.
Hike Type: Challenging Duration: 4 hours

Desmond/Carpenters Rock Trail: This 1/2 mile trek sets off from picturesque Galleon Beach, linking
with the area´s Naval Dockyard and defenses. We wind up at the famous Shirley Heights “lookout”.
Then we join Carpenters Rock Trail for 1 1/2 miles spiraling downhill to the Mermaid Gardens, where
you will want to make sure you have your swimwear for an exciting dip in the natural pool. Dry off
and finish up the hike 30 minutes later nack where we started.
Hike Type: Intermediate Duration: 3 hours

Signal Hill Trail: This 2 mile hike – which starts and ends at Wallings Dam in Antigua´s lush rainforest-
meanders up hill and down vale. The star of the show is Signal Hill, which offers a jaw dropping 360
degrees view of the island. Ask for other trails we offer
Hike Type: Intermediate Duration: 2 hours

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