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20 Summer Activities in Antigua and Barbuda

With Antigua and Barbuda officially open, it is now time to start planning your unforgettable summer escape.

Here’s our list of twenty summer activities in Antigua and Barbuda, that allow for exploration and plenty of much needed space.

The sister isle is the perfect escape. Here are a few activities that you can participate in to guarantee you, your most memorable vacation yet!

1. Grab your Binoculars – The Frigate Bird Sanctuary is home to the national bird of Antigua and Barbuda, the Frigate Bird. Their bright red throats make them a sight to behold. Grab your binoculars or watch the birds in wonder with your naked eyes.

2. Wonder Mysterious Caves– Explore the depths of the large and spacious caves in Barbuda to include, The Caves at Two Foot Bay and Darby Cave. Marvel at the remarkable formations within the caves, as you become an explorer for the day.

3. Pink Perfection – Beaches don’t always have white sand, sometimes they’re pink! Take a dip in the azure waters at the expansive eight-mile-long pink sand beach in Barbuda.

4. Saddle-up – Horseback ride into the sunset on the beautiful, secluded beaches of Barbuda.

5. Explore Highland House – Visit this historic ruin, built centuries ago in the 1720s. As you venture into the depths of this ruin, you will learn about its amazing history while taking in the gorgeous view of the luscious landscapes.



6. Set Sail – Journey around the coastline of the island and see its beauty through a circumnavigation tour with one of our many tour operators, to include Wadadli Cats, Tropical Adventures, Treasure Island Cruises and Adventure Antigua, or be the captain of your own ship, by chartering your own boat for an amazing adventure, sailing across the expanse of Caribbean sea.

7. Surf’s Up – Kitesurfing enthusiasts will find perfect conditions and endless space for kitesurfing in Antigua and Barbuda. Ride the turquoise Caribbean waters, on the Northern side of Antigua, at Jabberwock beach with Kitesurf Antigua. While on the windward side of Antigua, Kitesurf and even stand-up paddle, with 40knots from the north beach of Green Island, right at the mouth of the beautiful Nonsuch Bay. Get even further away in Barbuda. With strong winds, fast waves, no crowds and miles of empty beach, Barbuda is the greatest escape.

8. A Picnic for two at the Wallings Nature Reserve – Imagine being surrounded by only nature and fresh air. Grab a packed lunch, and head to Wallings Nature Reserve situated in Antigua’s lush rainforest in John Hughes. Find a shaded spot and relax while listening to the sounds of indigenous birds under centuries-old trees.

9. Stroll in Nelson’s Dockyard – Immerse yourself in the vibrant history at the one and only working Georgian Naval Dockyard in the world, Nelson’s Dockyard. This UNESCO World Heritage site is the perfect place to take an evening stroll as you wind down another day in paradise.

10. Trek through Hidden Trails – Take your summer fitness routine to another level! Get out into the fresh air and get your adrenaline flowing on one of our many hiking routes such as Signal Hill, Mount Obama aka Boggy Peak, The Pillars of Hercules and Mermaid Gardens. Take lots of photos but remember to leave nothing but footprints.

11. Kayak the Lagoons – Escape the everyday rush as you kayak through mysterious mangroves with South Coast Horizons Tours. Take in the beauty of the natural environment as you paddle through this ecosystem.

12. Island-hop in Style – Imagine having a secluded island to yourself and friends for a whole day. Charter a boat and set sail for one of our stunning offshore islands. Snorkel in crystal clear waters, explore the landscape with a hike through untouched vegetation discovering the wildlife, then dive into refreshing seas for an afternoon swim.

13. Bring History to Life – The Museum of Antigua and Barbuda is home to the interesting and rich history of our twin islands. Take a tour and learn about the genesis of our twin island state, our heritage and culture. You can also visit the Dow’s Hill Interpretation Centre, where history comes alive as you learn about six periods of the country’s history through multimedia presentations which include the era of Amerindian Hunters, the British Military and the colonial time period.

14. Under the Sea – Spend a day under the vast sea, as you snorkel amongst the mesmerizing marine life at Cades Reef or other perfect snorkelling spots around the island. Experience delight as you view fleeting glimpses of rare, tropical fish darting through beautiful coral reefs, or witness sea-turtles peacefully feeding in their natural habitat.

15. Race across Paradise – Experience the most exciting ride of your life as you discover Antigua in a new and exciting way through a two-seater automatic Trail Master brand buggy. Drive through lost and hidden trails of the island as you take in the scenic views across the journey.

16. Pamper yourself – Enjoy a relaxing day at one of our island spas as you immerse in peace and relaxation with natural treatments like coconut and almond facials, hot stone massages and much more.

17. Paraglide into the Sunset – Explore the island from the skies as you fly over lush valleys and scenic landscapes as you spend your day paragliding across Antigua.

18. Shoot your Shot! – Enjoy a splendid game of golf at the spacious and open Cedar Valley Golf course. Glide your gulf club across the luscious landscape to shoot the perfect shot.

19. Take a Safari – Discover the wonders of Antigua and Barbuda on an adventurous island safari. View the beautiful flora and fauna around the island, explore historic sites and natural attractions while learning about island life.

20. Become a Foodie Expert – Travel to the different restaurants on island and explore the delectable local cuisine. Allow your taste buds to explode with flavour as you become a “foodie”, after experiencing the delicious dishes offered at each restaurant.

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