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Food & Drink

Eat, drink and be merry!

Antigua and Barbuda are not just islands of clear waters and fabulous beaches, nor are they simply a tourist destination; They are a melting pot of influences that attract people from all over the world.

Visitors to Antigua will find a varied and interesting choice of dining spots on the island from first-class, gourmet restaurants as fine as you would expect to find anywhere in the world, to colourful waterfront cafés, beach bars and fast-food outlets. Whether you are simply ravenous for a burger, adventurous enough to try some local fare or in the mood for some romance, Antigua and Barbuda has a restaurant for you.

Our fine cuisine is an exciting blend of national and international dishes served with a Caribbean flair and it reflects the islands’ international status. Over 100 restaurants can be found in Antigua offering delicious cuisine from exotic, local dishes to West Indian, Italian, French, Chinese and Swiss-German fare.

Our sister-island is famous for impeccably-fresh seafood, and an opportunity to dine in local homes and village shops in Barbuda makes the visitor experience colourful and authentic, in keeping with the island’s natural surroundings.

Le Bistro

Upon entering the restaurant, be prepared to enjoy the elegant, tropical surroundings of the dining room and bar. They are both irresistibly alluring and beautifully romantic. Relax and enjoy a seamless dinner, complete with a supremely polished and personalized service from your host Philippa and the rest of the staff.

Le Cap Horn

With 20 years of service in the harbour, Le Cap Horn remains a benchmark for refined, French cuisine with subtle Caribbean and Latin American twists. The owners, Gustavo and Hélène, make the most charming hosts. Their hot stone grills are an interactive dining experience.

English Harbour1-268-460-1194
Life on the Corner

It has been said that, "Life is not an easy road, but there are better times to be had around the corner" Life on the Corner is one of those casual and laid back places where better times are always to be found. Gill and Carolyn invite you to come and join them as they watch life go by.

English Harbour1-268-722-0020
Lion Pavilion

We prepare your meal using herbs, fruits and vegetables which come fresh from our garden daily. For example, we use our own locally grown tomatoes to make our own pizza sauce! Our menu changes almost daily so you never get bored, and it includes hits such as our famous veggie lasagna, herbal pasta, veggie pizzas, veggie roti, black bean burgers, lentil pie, cassava balls, stir fried zucchini, curry chick peas, stir fried veggies, stewed red beans, and a host of other vegan selections

St Johns1-268-728-3236

Discover the Lombardia Region of Italy. Italian gastronomy is made up of 21 diverse regional cuisines. Mario's draws its cooking style from the beautiful region of Lombardia, where E.A. Mario, grandfather to the restaurant's first authentic Italian chef, was born to a family of humble means.

Dickenson Bay1-268-736-7722
Millers by the Sea

Located on Fort James beach, a white sand beach just 5 minutes from St. John's, this unassuming beach bar and restaurant has been an Antiguan institution for years. Whether you are arriving on a cruise ship or staying on Antigua, Millers by the Sea is the perfect place to take full advantage of your beach day by tasting delicious local dishes, experience local culture and bask in the gorgeous Caribbean sun.

Fort James1-268-462-9414
Miracle’s South Coast Restaurant & Bar

Fresh locally caught fish is brought in everyday. You can choose from Mahi Mahi, Snapper, Wahoo, Tuna and sometimes even shark! Remember the fish changes daily. There are several ways in which we can cook it for you so take a look at our menu and decide!

Nicky’s Restaurant

Famously Known as "Table D’hôte", Nicky's Restaurant & Bar is owned and operated by Mrs. Nichola Lucas. Her restaurant has been providing delicious island cuisine at its new location in Friar's Hill Development for the past 5 years. Our entrées are prepared with ingredients grown on the island and flavored to make your visit memorable and unique.

St Johns1-268-786-2476
Nyam It Up

Taste the flavor of Antigua! We operate from a rustic stall at Dark Wood Beach where persons can enjoy an array of delights such as seasonal fruits, candies desserts, food, drinks, teas and homemade wine.

OJ’s Beach Bar & Restaurant

Decorated with local artwork and a variety of driftwood, ropes and artifacts, and especially at night, this establishment has a very charming and romantic atmosphere.

Crabb Hill Village1-268-460-0184
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