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With amazing promotions like these, your Antigua and Barbuda escape is closer than you think! Here are some of our special deals and offers to help you save on your Antigua and Barbuda holiday.

The Great House Antigua #WCLL Summer Offers

With the rush of everyday life we all deserve time to spoil ourselves, for ourselves. Our own special time. Join us from the 24th until the 31st October 2020 for a solo package at The Great House Antigua. With suites discounted by 10% for any solo traveller. Included are morning walks to Betty’s Hope, and nature walks through the surrounding countryside you can learn more about the array of trees and fruits in the Caribbean. Book direct with code: solo2020

St. Peter's
The Great House Antigua #WCLL Summer Offers

For guests of The Great House Antigua only and is bookable at any point. Dates booked/offer applicable for guests stay from 15 October 2020 through to Dec 2021.
 Held on select days of the week.

St. Peter's
Wallings Nature Reserve #WCLL Summer Offer

Discover Wallings, discover Nature  when you explore lush trails that offer relaxation and breathtaking views. Explore historic ruins and structures before you let nature engulf you. 

Wild Lotus Camp  #WCLL Summer Offer

This summer check out from the world and check in to paradise at Wild Lotus Camp. Our luxury tents offer comfort and style just steps from the ocean. Imagine sleeping under the star-filled sky, waking with the sunrise, taking time to cultivate mindful connections through beach yoga, meditation, experiences and music in an inspired and magical space. This summer immerse yourself in an experience that is further from the ordinary than you could hope for.

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